Insider Series Webinars

Decision Analyst will be hosting Insider Series Webinars for Marketers and Marketing Researchers. The goal of the webinars is to provide free educational opportunities for our colleagues. The topics range from Innovation and Ideation, to Advanced Analytic Techniques. The past webinar videos are sorted into the following categories:

Past Marketing Research Webinars

In this video, we discuss: core measures that predict advertising success and best practices to guide advertising pretesting.
Decision Analyst conducted a survey-based experiment to measure consumer emotional responses to photos.
We explore the research techniques to derive and optimize brand strategy, and discuss how to protect a brand from competitors.
We will discuss the role of qualitative research, projective techniques, ideation, and concept evaluation have on new product development.
Using Data from our 2016 American Home Comfort Study, here is a story of homeowner's behavior, and attitudes about energy efficiency.
Qualitative research, projective techniques, ideation, and concept evaluation each have a role in new product development.
We review the risks of new package designs and the potential benefits and also explore best practices for packaging research
IHUT (in-home usage test)—where consumers test products at home in a "real world" environment, using them as they normally would.
Shopping research is not only about retail; brands must optimize both “brick and mortar” retailing and online retailing.
Tracking studies have been a mainstay among consumer insights departments for business monitoring and decision-making.

Past Qualitative Research Webinars

This videos showcases 2 different case studies that use different Large-Scale Qualitative research techniques.
Conjoint studies can be ineffective without in-depth understanding of the product category and what matters.
Case studies that incorporate new techniques along with traditional research to solve marketing and business issues.
Key heuristics apply to all usability issues – app design, website design, product design, as well as the shopper environment.

Past Advanced Analytic Webinars

Attribution Modeling (including Markov, Hidden Markov, & Survival Modeling) attempts to quantify each touch-point in the customer’s journey.
Segmentation and profiling research that goes beyond merely outlining target groups is critical to adding dimension to consumer segments.
Combining marketing research and data science to deliver greater insights than could be achieved with either big data only or survey data only.
A case study that shows how Decision Analyst aided the Dallas Morning News in creating a machine learning segmentation algorithm.
The basics of market segmentation: segmentation types, criteria for useful segments, segmentation techniques, and understanding segments.
This video explains the data requirements, benefits, and limitations of various research methods used to optimize spend across media types.
Choice modeling simulates consumers shopping and decision-making process, this video discusses common applications.
Analytical methods used to measure price elasticity and explain how price elasticity can support business pricing strategy.
Introducing basic concepts and research methods for sales forecasting (simulated test market, agent-based modeling, forecasting simulators).
Key Driver Analysis is used to understand which brand, product, or attributes have the greatest influence on the consumers purchase decision.
This Webinar will focus on basic concepts of new product volumetric forecasting for CPG or FMCG categories.
This videos covers the advantages and disadvantages of MaxDiff, TURF, Choice Modeling, and Joint Stated Revealed Preference Modeling.

Past Innovation Webinar

The Innovation and Ideation framework for concept development utilizes a combination of participants and methodologies.

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