Insider Series Webinar

Energy Efficiency Attitudes: More Than Just Saving Money?
presented by Joan Lord and Mark Teich

This video provides a preview of insights from our 2016 American Home Comfort Study. We tell a brief story of the average homeowner's behavior, perceptions, and attitudes in relation to energy efficiency. Data and insights presented will include:

  • Reasons for replacing HVAC equipment
  • The efficiency level of the HVAC equipment recently purchased
  • Biggest benefits of buying an energy efficient HVAC system
  • Energy efficiency attitudes and their impact on HVAC purchase decisions
  • Correlation between overall system satisfaction and system efficiency level
  • Perceptions of the home’s overall energy efficiency
  • Willingness to pay to increase energy efficiency
  • Correlation between Internet usage and system efficiency purchased
  • Impact of Millennials on homeowners’ changing energy efficiency attitudes

The 2016 American Home Comfort Study is a comprehensive look at HVAC purchases, home comfort satisfaction, energy efficiency, and homeowner attitudes and behaviors among recent HVAC buyers. We will also showcase the breadth to insights are included in the full report and how you can purchase your copy.

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For more information about the American Home Comfort Study please contact Mark Teich, Research Analyst, Director of HVAC Studies, he can be emailed at or Joan Lord, Senior Vice President, she can be emailed at They both may be reached at 1-800-262-5974 or 1-817-640-6166.