Data Management Services

Decision Analyst codes open-ended questions in more than 30 different languages, and provides sophisticated cross-tabulation reports, including statistical significance testing and analysis. Advanced software and systems, rigorous quality assurance processes, and experienced professional Tabulation Programmers produce consistently accurate cross-tabs. No cross-tab task is too large or too complicated for Decision Analyst programmers.

Questionnaire Design and Guidance

Decision Analyst can provide assistance with questionnaire design before data collection begins. This is especially important for studies requiring market segmentation, choice modeling, or other advanced statistical techniques.

Open-ended Question Coding

Our highly experienced Coding Department includes native speakers of 13 different languages, plus we offer another 20 languages through partners in the respective countries. Open-ended survey questions can be coded, as can CRM comments and any type of text.

Machine Text Analytics

For large data files (as from social media or CRM systems) text analytics software is an option. Software is not as accurate as the human mind, but it may be good enough in some instances. We generally recommend taking a subset of the data and having humans do the coding, to compare to the software coding results.

Data Entry

For paper surveys or documents, all survey responses are entered twice to create two mirror datafiles (i.e., 100% verification). These two datafiles are matched, and any differences are resolved by checking the source documents. Guaranteed accuracy rate is 99.95%.

Data Cleaning

Before any datafile is tabulated, a series of data cleaning checks are performed to check for out-of-range codes, duplicate records, skip-logic errors, omissions, etc.

Multiple Databases

Data from multiple data sources can be combined into one integrated database and then cross-tabbed and analyzed.


Decision Analyst Tabulation experts use sophisticated software and systems to produce powerful cross-tabs and summaries, including algebraic models for scoring and analysis. Significance testing can be applied to columns and rows of tabulated results, and complex weighting schemes can be applied to the data.

Data Warehouse Architecture and Database Management

With experience on databases ranging in size up to several terabytes, Decision Analyst's Predictive Analytics Team has the experience and know-how to design and manage data warehouses of virtually any size and complexity.

Advanced Statistical Analyses, Using SAS, SPSS, and R-Language

Many different types of mathematical tests and analyses can be conducted on the data, such as:

  • Correlation analysis
  • Significance testing, z- & t-tests
  • Cluster analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Multiple regression
  • Discrete choice modeling, choice modeling
  • Market segmentation

Survey Management and Data Processing Experience

Decision Analyst is a leading, global marketing research and analytical consulting firm with more than 45 years of experience in processing and tabulating a multitude of studies, from simple questionnaires to multicountry advanced analytic projects.

If you need a cost estimate for a Data Management Services, please contact Lisa Hazen, Vice President/COO, by emailing her at, or by calling 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.