• B2B Marketing Research
    Business-to-business research is very complex by its very nature.
    It begins with target audience and customers who are hard-to-find and very specialized. The topics and questions are very technical. In addition, the scope is generally global, therefore flexibility and creativity are critical. Our experience spans petro-chemical, all areas of building trades, technology, software, heavy equipment and manufacturing.

    Even though complexity exists at every turn, the buyers and the sellers are human and those relationships are key. Human interaction will always be a key driven of business-to-business decisions and research. This means the decision making still involves a rational component, but also an emotional component.

From innovation services and customer satisfaction research through many types of strategy research, Decision Analyst has a wide array of services to help business-to-business clients build and sustain winning business models.

Our team of research specialists can handle the most difficult marketing problems and research assignments, and they have the technical background to understand the complex issues facing these industries.

We realize that the purchase decisions typically involve many different stakeholders including those who specify and evaluate solutions, recommend and final decision makers. In addition, the budgets can be quite large and purchasing cycles can be very long. Many times a mixed methodology or hybrid approach is the most successful in finding the best, most qualified respondents. It may involve using some of the client’s customer contacts and some other non-customer sample as well.

It is important to be patient and start the research process with a small sample size to test the methodology, if at all possible. This is especially important when conducting global research.

Our services include:

Innovation, Analytics, and Research Services

If you would like more information on services in the Business-to-Business area, please contact John Gachelin, Senior Vice President at (, or Bonnie Janzen, Executive Vice President at (, or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.