Innovation Imperative

An organization’s ability to survive depends on its capacity to adapt and innovate. Companies must creatively adjust to changes markets, changes technologies, changes economics, changes competitors, and changes consumer habits and preferences.

Innovation Services

At Decision Analyst, the creative process starts with its online community of individuals who are exceptionally creative. The Imaginators®, Decision Analyst's creativity community of consumers and business/trade professionals, is comprised of everyday people who have been tested for high levels of “idea-centric creativity”—the ability to generate large numbers of highly original ideas for new products, new services, and other marketing initiatives. Imaginators must pass Decision Analyst’s proprietary test for idea-centric creativity. Imaginators rank in the top 2% to 4% of the general population in terms of idea-centric creative abilities.

New Product Concepts and More

While the primary purpose of innovation and ideation is the development of new product concepts, the same processes, methods, and techniques can also create:

  • New service concepts
  • New branding strategies
  • New customer experiences
  • New brand names
  • New positioning concepts
  • New promotion ideas
  • New packaging ideas
  • New display and point-of-sale ideas

Ideation Sessions

Decision Analyst’s ideation sessions are fast-paced, energetic, and fun. They involve creativity exercises, games, associations, unstructured environments (no tables or chairs), spider mapping, guided visualizations, and a variety of proprietary techniques developed by Decision Analyst. These collaborative ideation techniques help stimulate the natural creativity and innovative spirit of the Imaginators.

The most creative ideas often take a while to surface, or they develop as a result of several smaller ideas coming together through Imaginators’ collaboration. The more time participants have to think about a problem and build on the ideas put forward by others, the more likely it is that highly creative ideas will emerge. For this reason, ideation sessions are conducted over relatively long periods of time. Online ideation sessions can extend over a period of 3 to 5 days, while in-person sessions last about 8 hours.

Experienced Innovation Experts

Decision Analyst’s Innovation facilitators are experts in conducting creativity sessions. They adeptly utilitize our proprietary creativity guide and our “toolkit” of ideation/brainstorming techniques to spark both individual and group creativity. The techniques used in our ideation sessions are designed promote the generation of starter ideas and idea fragments.

Our Innovation team then works with the client to jointly determine which ideas warrant further development.


We Are Here To Help You

Decision Analyst has been involved in new products and new services concept development for more than 45 years. The firm has helped develop electronic educational toys, electronic games, cell phones, customer loyalty programs, retail environments, and numerous new food, beverage, and household products. With its innovation processes, Decision Analyst can bring transformational change to your new product development efforts.

For more information on our Innovation Services, please email Gretchen Riskind, Director of Innovation via email at or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.