Location Analysis or Retail Site Selection

  • Location Analysis
    A location analysis or a retail site selection study evaluates the potential opportunity for a specific site
    This is applicable for retail stores investigating new locations, or shopping center developers interested in understanding the market opportunity a proposed site might offer.

Tailored to client needs, a location analysis would involve some of the following elements:

  • Overview of the surrounding market and review of macro trends such as population and employment growth.
  • Delineation of retail trade area boundaries for the site based on drive time analysis and other influencing factors such as topography, competition, and regional accessibility.
  • Examination and benchmarking of trade area characteristics such as population and household change, and demographic characteristics such as age, income, and ethnicity.
  • Review of key retail store or shopping center competition within the trade area, focusing on relative strengths and weaknesses against the proposed site.
  • Forecast of sales potential for the site and estimation of market share capture for the retailer or shopping center.
  • Final recommendation for the specific geographic location, taking all factors into account.

Site Selection Demo Screenshot

Site Select Demo Screenshot

Spatial Analytic Consulting

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