A system composed of standard modules for measuring an advertisement's awareness, message recall, trial, usage, brand image, etc., in real-world environments over a period of time.

Advertising Tracking

CopyTrack®—our industry-leading, online advertising tracking system, can help you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising over time—compared to major competitors. It can tell you when a campaign begins to wear out. It can identify which commercials and ads are doing the best job.

No one knows for sure how an advertising campaign will play out over time in the real world. Even if the advertising is tested before airing, it’s virtually impossible to predict its long-term effects. As soon as a campaign goes on air, five types of distortion begin to occur. They include the following:

  • Competitive Activity. Competitive advertising campaigns can confuse consumers and blur the messages they actually receive.
  • Perception Bias. Consumers tend to notice certain parts of commercials more than other parts.
  • Memory Bias. Consumers tend to remember some messages and images from the advertising better than other messages and images.
  • Threshold Effects. Your advertising campaign (or parts of it) might not achieve threshold levels sufficient to break through the clutter and noise.
  • Contamination. Other marketing variables (sales contests, trade promotions, consumer promotions, distribution levels, publicity, etc.) can interact with media advertising.

How Does CopyTrack® Work?

The data are collected via continuous, or pulsed, online interviews. CopyTrack® is tailored to the product category and the client’s objectives. In addition, CopyTrack® is designed to accurately measure an advertising campaign’s long-term effects, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Advertising awareness
  • Advertising message recall
  • Advertising recognition
  • Brand image
  • Media usage


  • Television advertisements
    • Television storyboards
    • Television animatics and photomatics
    • Television commercials
  • Radio advertisements
    • Radio scripts
    • Radio commercials
  • Outdoor advertisements
  • Print advertising
    • Newspaper and magazine advertising concepts
    • Newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • Online advertisements
    • Banner advertisements
    • Rich media advertisements
    • Online videos and commercials
Advertising Tracking

CopyRecall™ (Advertising Recall)

CopyRecall™ is a comprehensive, online, day-after, recall system to measure visibility and memorability of finished commercials through a real-world, on-air test. Respondents answer questions including the following topics:

  • Unaided recall of advertised brands
  • Aided recall of commercials
  • Brand linkage to commercial
  • Advertising message recall
  • Advertising evaluation ratings

CopyRecall™ is a sound method of determining if a commercial is intrusive enough to be noticed and remembered.


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