Education Survey Research

  • Education Survey Research
    Decision Analyst has helped educational entities benefit from secondary research, survey research, and analytical consulting
    Survey research and analytics have been widely used in the corporate world for almost 100 years. Companies have used survey research and analytics to improve products, services, communications, websites, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

    School districts and educational institutions (from grade schools through university graduate schools) can likewise benefit from the insight and power of survey research and analytics. An increasing number of schools and universities are employing survey research and analytics to guide fund raising, improve student recruiting, upgrade advertising and communications, and optimize marketing activities.

Research-based decisions are one of the keys to the long-term success of educational entities. Decision Analyst can help by bringing proven research and analytic concepts from the corporate world to benefit educational institutions (and by protecting educational entities from all the bad research that failed in the corporate world).

Research Applications

Survey research and analytic techniques can be used to:

  • Identify optimal target markets for a school or university.
  • Formulate an optimal strategic positioning and branding strategy.
  • Ascertain the best messages to recruit new students.
  • Determine the claims and messages to optimize fundraising.
  • Understand why students choose one university or school.
  • Measure student, teacher, parent, and public satisfaction.
  • Monitor a school’s awareness and brand image among general public.
  • Test advertising to see if it is effective.
  • Determine where new schools should be built.
  • Optimize a school district’s website, apps, and online communications.
  • Investigate a school’s website usability and determine how to improve it.
  • Monitor web traffic, web comments, and interpret results.
  • Determine the economic impact of the school system on the surrounding community.

Education Survey Research

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