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  • 27Sep
    I ♥ Product Testing by Tom Allen
    Product Testing

    Product tests are, at their most basic, some of the simplest types of marketing research that can be done.

    Which cola do you most prefer the taste of? The one on the left or the one on the right? Take it no further than that and you have something that is arguably insightful. Take it even one step further and the tests can be very revealing. Why do you prefer the one on the left? Just adding that one simple question (and the probes that should normally follow it) takes the implications to the next level.


  • Marketing Research

    This is an article about how to think like a squirrel. The inspiration of thinking like a squirrel came from witnessing their behavior, oddly enough.

    How should you think like a squirrel? Don’t take the shortest path to your destination. Look for new ways to accomplish your personal or business goals that might lead you to new experiences, relationships, sights, or locations.


  • In-home Product Testing Research (HUTs)

    There are many factors that go into a successful product: efficacy, price, value, brand, distribution, advertising, competitive forces, etc.

    But when push comes to shove at the retail shelf, packaging can make or break a product. Brands need to ensure they are getting the most impact out of their packaging that they possibly can. How do they do that? With consumer research, of course!


  • 4Sep
    My Path To Purchase by Tom Allen
    Path to Purchase

    Trying to specify consumers’ purchase paths (the behaviors and inputs that impact shoppers’ decisions) is often very challenging.

    In most cases, purchase decisions are unique to each individual and are composed of numerous decisions that take place subconsciously. These subconscious decisions are also influenced by outside factors, ingrained habits, and biased perspectives that consumers won’t admit to. So why do we try?


  • Advertising Copy Testing

    You may remember the series of ads that ran for years in the early 2000s that featured a bespectacled phone technician in various locales asking, “Can you hear me now?” while on his cell phone talking to an unknown colleague.

    The campaign ran for nearly a decade. As is the way with most things in our fast-paced, information-overload, disposable world, the television audience quickly forgot about the Verizon guy in his absence. Or did they? Here are some suggestions for both agencies and brands on advertising testing.

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