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The following is a curated set of our library materials on the topics of Qualitative Research, Motivational Research and Ethnography. They include:

Blogs and White Papers

Becoming A Qual Champion: A Short Guide For The Quant-Focused Researcher
After a quant deep-dive has been conducted, qual answers the “whys” that inevitably arise — something that quant is ill-equipped to handle.

Ethnography: How It Can Help You Win The Hearts Of Your Customers
Ethnography allows your team to build stronger brands, better products, and optimize messaging...to grow your business and improve profitability.

Motivational Research
An explanation of motivational research and how it is conducted.

Qualitative Analytics
The purpose of this paper is to offer some suggestions for the novice researcher, but even those with experience might find one or two of the tips useful.

Qualitative Package Design Research
Some basic ideas and best practices for the use of qualitative research as a component in the package-design research plan.

Three Secrets to Product Success
“There are three secrets to consumer packaged goods’ success: packaging, packaging, packaging.”

Worth A Thousand Words
This article describes what online ethnography is and how to analyze it. Online ethnography provides a snapshot of respondents’ real-life experiences in order to truly understand not just what they report they do, but what they are actually doing and how that behavior drives their decisions.

Case Studies

A Decision Analyst Proprietary Panel of Users
Category: Tanning Products
Methods: Custom Research Panel; Tracking Research; Qualitative Research; Attitude, Usage, & Behavior Research
Summary: A large consumer packaged-goods company wanted to gain insights into two consumer groups’ attitudes, usage, and behaviors toward tanning products over a period of 16 months.

A Qualitative Approach to Understanding the Path-to-Purchase
Category: Cosmetic
Methods: In-Person Focus Groups, Virtual-Ethnography (Remote Desktop Viewing)
Summary: Management wanted to identify and understand why cosmetics’ users read reviews, shop and buy online vs. in store and how they might stop or reverse this trend to online.

Diary Research
Category: Personal Care Product Manufacturer
Methods: In-The-Moment Research; Diary Panel; Ethnography
Summary: A personal-care-product manufacturer wanted to understand and quantify consumers’ personal hygiene routines in order to identify new opportunities or marketing campaigns for an existing product.

Hospital System Advertising Testing Better And Faster With Big Qual
Category: Hospital System
Methods: Big Qual, Qualitative Research, Advertising Testing
Summary: A hospital system was interested in assessing four advertising concepts at the storyboard (post-scripts) phase before moving into final television production of the winning ad.

Hospital System Improvement Qualitative Research Among Hospital Customers
Category: Hospital System
Methods: Customer Research, Qualitative Research
Summary: A hospital system was interested in conducting exploratory qualitative research among customers to understand their hospital-selection process.

Omnichannel Shopper Experience: Multiphased Qualitative Research
Category: Beauty Products Manufacturer
Methods: In-Person Focus Groups, Qualitative Research, Remote Desktop Viewing, Virtual Ethnography
Summary: A multiphase qualitative approach was used to gain a deep understanding of consumers’ needs, desires, shopping experiences, and shopping decision-making behaviors, both in store and online.

Paving the Path to Purchase: Identifying the Decision-Making Process for B2B Customers
Category: Manufacturer
Methods: Business-to-Business Research, Qualitative Research, Time-Extended™ Online Research
Summary: A manufacturer of products for workplace usage wanted to increase its knowledge about the path to purchase—how and why business customers buy their products—in order to effectively reach them with the right content at the right place and time.

Plush Perceptions
Category: Retail—Toys
Methods: Qualitative Research, In-Person Qualitative Research
Summary: A production and distribution company needed to explore consumer attitudes, usage, and perceptions of its line of plush toys that accompanied its popular children’s TV show.

Qualitative Research Among Unacculturated Hispanics in U.S.
Category: Prepaid Services Industry
Methods: Qualitative Research, Hispanic Research, In-person In-Depth Interviews
Summary: A large U.S. company believed that unacculturated Hispanics might represent a viable target market for its services. The firm asked Decision Analyst to propose research that would lead to an improved marketing strategy to reach unacculturated Hispanics in the U.S.

Reaching Young, Tech-Savvy Investors
Category: Financial Services, Investing
Methods: Qualitative Research, In-Person Focus Groups, Depth Interviews
Summary: Decision Analyst executed a two-phase research program, including quantitative concept screening as well as qualitative discussions, designed to help refine the final communication strategy.

Time-Extended™ Online Qualitative Research

Category: Vehicle Loan Financing & Services
Methods: Time-Extended™ Online Qualitative Research, Online Qualitative Research in a Bulletin Board Format
Summary: An industry-leading company specializing in auto loans wanted to develop a targeted advertising campaign.

Why Can’t We Compete? An Ethnographic Evaluation of the Brand Image
Category: Automotive OEM
Methods: Ethnography, In-Vehicle Mounted Video Camera
Summary: Decision Analyst conducted a multistage qualitative study for a an OEM to determine their position relative to the competition.

Qualitative Research Videos

Segmentation Series videos that touch on Qualitative Research
Using exploratory qualitative research helps create hypothesis of the segments, and gives insights for your segmentation project.
Personas are about bringing segments to life. They take those segments that have been developed in the research and bring them to life.
Qualitative Research Webinars
This videos showcases 2 different case studies that use different Large-Scale Qualitative research techniques.
Conjoint studies can be ineffective without in-depth understanding of the product category and what matters to product users/stakeholders.
Case studies that incorporate new techniques along with traditional research to solve marketing and business issues.
Key heuristics apply to all usability issues – app design, website design, product design, as well as the shopper environment.

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