The Imaginators®

The Imaginators® is an online community (or online panel) of exceptionally creative individuals, who rank among the top 2% to 4% of the general population in idea-centric creativity. These diverse, inventive individuals:

  • Imaginators Panel
    • Come from all walks of life.
    • Are balanced between males and females.
    • Live in rural, suburban, and urban settings.
    • Are intrinsically motivated to be creative.
    • Tend to be above average in education, but not always.
    • Are adults of all ages (18 and over).
    • Include consumers, professionals, and tradespeople.
    • Live in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Idea-Centric Creativity

There are many types of creativity—literary creativity, artistic creativity, scientific creativity, etc. Decision Analyst is always searching for idea-centric creativity, the ability to generate unique ideas and solutions to solve problems, achieve objectives, or seize opportunities. Decision Analyst has developed its own proprietary testing systems to identify individuals who possess high levels of idea-centric creativity.

Continuous Improvement

Steps are taken to ensure that the Imaginators community continues to get better and more creative over time:

  • All members receive creativity training as a part of every project.
  • After each project, Imaginators are graded on their creative contributions; those who do not perform well are removed from the community.
  • High performers are kept in the community as long as possible.
  • The community is continually refreshed with highly creative new members.
Ideation Sessions

The sessions are designed to be as creative and inventive as possible:

  • Online sessions take place over a 3- to 5-day period. In-person sessions last about 8 hours, including a lunch break.
  • Online and in-person sessions use creativity guides, creativity exercises, interaction, and collaboration. The creativity guides are developed using Decision Analyst’s Applied Creativity Process®. These guides are customized to the objectives and constraints of each project.
  • Online sessions are typically led by 1 or 2 facilitators, depending on the number of Imaginators. The in-person sessions (typically 8 to 10 Imaginators) are led by 2 facilitators, and the sessions are fun, exciting, fast-paced, energetic, and spontaneous.
  • The ideation rooms for in-person ideation are large, with no tables or chairs inside. Bean bags, stuffed animals, and blankets might be arranged on the floor. One-way mirrors permit in-person sessions to be observed.
Why Decision Analyst?

Decision Analyst has been involved in new product research and new product concept development for more than four decades. The firm has helped develop electronic educational toys, electronic games, cell phones, computers, customer loyalty programs, retail store concepts, and new food, beverage, and household products. With the help of our Imaginators, you can bring transformational change to your new product development efforts.

Innovation Services

For more information on our Innovation Services, please contact Gretchen Riskind, Director of Innovation/Ideation (, or Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President of Insights and Innovation ( Both can be reached at 1-817-640-6166.