Awareness, Trial, Usage (ATU)

Awareness, Trial, Usage studies (ATUs) are a basic type of survey that virtually every brand and every business needs.

Awareness, Trial, and Usage (ATU)

An ATU captures a high-level overview of a market or category at a point in time and provides foundational marketing information that’s essential to strategic management of a brand. Very often, ATUs are conducted on a repeating schedule, say every six or 12 months, so that changes in brand awareness, trial (first purchase of a brand), or usage of the brand can be monitored over time (also referred to as a tracking study, or brand tracking study). Brand image is typically measured by the ATU questionnaire as well. Sometimes, ATUs are referred to as AAUs (Awareness, Attitudes, Usage studies).

ATUs can be conducted by mail surveys, in-person interviews, telephone interviews, and online surveys. Most ATU surveys today are conducted online, because data quality tends to be very high and the cost is economical. However, there are times and situations where the other data collection methodologies come to the fore. For example, if you needed to survey high-level executives, you might choose the telephone as the best method to reach them. If you wanted to survey consumers over the age of 75, you might choose mail as the data collection method.

Decision Analyst’s research consultants have extensive experience in designing and conducting ATU surveys. They can help you define the sampling universe, frame and sampling specifications; design the questionnaire; and supervise execution of the study. They can analyze the results, write the report, and provide marketing recommendations.

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Decision Analyst has over 45 years experience in ATUs, brand consulting, and brand strategy. If you would like more information on ATUs, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, by emailing him at, or by calling 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.