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  • 20Jun
    INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2018
    Posted by John Colias, Ph.D.
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    Recently, John Colias attended the INFORMS Conference, (INFORMS is one of the world’s largest analytical organizations). Here are some observations and take aways from the conference.

    To start with; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning were the focus of much attention and emphasis.

  • Choice Modeling Mobile Devices

    Replicating actual market decisions in a survey choice task is an important design goal. However, given that survey respondents have moved to devices with smaller screens, it has become increasingly difficult to accomplish the goal of realism.

    For this reason, a summary of the most important elements of realism becomes critical, so that the choice task design can focus on incorporating only these most important elements. Where space is limited, the design must be focused on what is most important to producing realistic choice model outputs.

  • Digital Data

    Over the past several decades, Marketing Mix Modeling has been an important tool to assist firms in optimizing the allocation of budget to various types of media, such as television, radio, print, outdoor, and digital.

    In recent years, the digital component has grown out of proportion to more traditional media channels. As a result, digital advertising and the use of influential messaging has grown, and marketers are considering allocating new levels of spending on digital media.

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