Segmentation Video Series

Decision Analyst Has created a series of 14 short informative videos on Segmentation. These videos outlay the basics a successful market segmentation project from the initial planning phase to applying the results to your business.

Video 1 transcript
Segmentation answers four basic questions that almost every business faces.
Video 2 Transcript
Why segmentations sometimes fail, this video details some common pitfalls we see in segmentation work.
Video 3 Transcript
Segmentation techniques; attitudinal, needs-based, location-based, transaction-based, demand-based, and microsegmentation.
Video 4 Transcript
Using exploratory qualitative research helps create hypothesis of the segments, and gives insights for your segmentation project.
Video 5 Transcript
There are three high-level elements in designing your segmentation project; respondent sample, questionnaire design, and analytical components.
Video 6 Transcript
In this video, Beth Horn discusses how to choose the best segmentation solution, and linking those segments to important market outcomes.
Video 7 Transcript
In this next Segmentation Series Video, Jerry W Thomas explains how to get insights out of segmentation data.
Video 8 Transcript
In this next Segmentation Series Video, Kathi McKenzie explains how to interpret and understand the segments.
Video 9 Transcript
Personas are about bringing segments to life. They take those segments that have been developed in the research and bring them to life.
Video 10 Transcript
Taking segmentation to the level of geomapping and micromapping. It takes 3 stages: data fusion, predictive modeling, geographic projection.
Video 11 Transcript
In this video, Bonnie briefly covers positioning, new product strategy, pricing strategy, promotional stragey, and communication strategy.
Video 12 Transcript
How to develop a winning communication strategy that will resonate with one segment without turning off others.
Video 13 Transcript
It’s the same general approach, identfying segments, then using segmentation to improve messaging and targeting id a direct marketing campaign.
Video 14 Transcript
There are a couple of primary uses where segmentation can be applied to the new product or service development process.

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