Qualitative Research

  • Sound qualitative research (focus groups, depth interviews, ethnography, etc.) is a vital component in an overall research plan.
    Qualitative insights aid in designing quantitative surveys, in marketing planning, in strategy formulation, and in new product development. Qualitative research is characterized by nondirective, open-ended interviews and group discussions among a limited number of respondents. It is primarily an exploratory and/or a motivational technique. The findings from qualitative techniques are thought of as hypotheses.

Qualitative is especially useful in developing hypotheses about consumer motivations and in helping us understand a topic from the consumer's perspective in the consumer's own language. No one is smart enough to understand target consumers, or to write a great marketing plan, without some reliance on qualitative research techniques.

Decision Analyst emphasizes nondirective and projective interviewing techniques in its qualitative investigations. Decision Analyst’s discussion guides and analyses focus on questions and issues of marketing importance and significance.

Qualitative Research Services

Decision Analyst Qualitative Research Services include:

  • Large-Scale Qualitative
  • In-The-Moment Research
    • Video Diaries
    • Virtual Shop-alongs
    • Mobile Qualitative Interviews
    • Live Screen Sharing Studies
  • Unconventional Qualitative Methods
    • In-Vehicle or On-Site Video
    • Voicemail Journaling
    • Images, Video, Audio Collages
    • Online Projective Interviews
    • Online Iterative Concept Evolution
    • Online Sentence Completion
    • Online Word Association
    • Online Hypotheses Quantification
Qualitative Research Applications

Qualitative research is a flexible, powerful set of techniques used to reveal consumers’ motivations, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and values. These techniques can be applied to many types of research, including:

  • Branding research (brand image, strategic positioning, messaging, etc.)
  • Shopping research (buying motivations, path to purchase, buying decision criteria)
  • Concept development and refinement (new products, advertising concepts, etc.)
  • Product development and refinement
  • Exploration for quantitative questionnaire development
  • Exploration of questions raised by quantitative research
  • Attitude, usage, and behavioral studies
  • Customer satisfaction investigations
  • Persona development for market segmentation
  • Advertising message development
  • Packaging optimization
  • Product formula exploration

Experienced Qualitative Consultants

Decision Analyst has over four decades of qualitative research experience and is a leader in innovative qualitative techniques. Our experienced moderators can recommend the qualitative technique best suited to your research needs.

For more information on our Qualitative Research services, please email Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President, at cdethlo@decisionanalyst.com), or call him at 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.

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