Hospital System Advertising Testing

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Category: Hospital System
Methods: Sequential-Monadic Testing, Big Qual, Qualitative Research, Advertising Testing, Medical Marketing Research

Online Qualitative Research


A hospital system was interested in assessing four advertising concepts at the storyboard (post-scripts) phase before moving into final television production of the winning ad.

Strategic Issues

In addition to being deemed appealing, successful ads must also clearly convey their main message, be realistic/believable, and, ultimately, improve perceptions of the brand in question. Testing ads at an early stage saves time and resources by identifying those ads that show the most promise of future success.

Research Objectives

The primary objective of the research was to determine which ad campaign was most appealing among current and future patients in order to finalize development and production for a television commercial. Furthermore, results were to be organized and reported by the hospital system’s segmentation scheme to provide additional context to align those results with the system’s strategy and target markets.

Research Design and Methods

A Big Qual, sequential-monadic research approach was used to select the most appealing storyboard ad concept. Big Qual is a live, interactive session set in an environment similar to instant messaging. Big Qual provides fast results, as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning combine to allow a single moderator to run a session with all participants. Participants answer questions individually and can then vote on others’ responses, which generates overall consensus on the research project topics.

Approximately 75 respondents participated in a 90-minute Big Qual session. Participants included a mix of residents in the hospital system’s service area who are healthcare decision-makers within their household.


There was clear consensus on a winning campaign across participants, including those within the hospital system’s primary target segments. Based on the results of the research, the hospital system immediately moved forward with producing a television commercial that used the winning ad concept.

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