Renée Hopkins is an expert in innovation and ideation, as well as qualitative analysis and reporting. Below is a collection of blogs she has written.

May 9 2024

To Boost Your Creativity, Take A More Direct Approach

Creativity is not about “thinking outside the box”, nor is it limited to only a select few that were born into it. Anyone can learn to become more creative in meaningful, useful ways. Creativity is a complex process with lots of facets and lots of possibilities. It’s a set of thinking skills that can be learned and practiced, that can boost your career and help make your life better.

May 2 2024
Qualitative Researchers Are Facing Burnout

Qualitative Researchers Are Facing More Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, And Burnout,

And The U.S. Mental Health Crisis Isn’t Helping

The mental health crisis affects those involved in qualitative research. Stressed and depressed respondents, stressful client demands, and lack of management support can trigger anxiety, depression, and burnout in researchers. Fortunately, there are things we can do individually, and as managers, to promote well-being and improved mental health.