Kelly Sons is an expert in designing and executing complex marketing research products. Below is a collection of blogs she has written.

Aug 22 2023
Keys of a Successful Segmentation

Ask the Experts:

What’s Key to a Successful Segmentation?

Well-conducted segmentation initiatives are highly beneficial, but they also are expensive and time-intensive for the organization. Kelly, has gathered expert advice on segmentation from three colleagues with varied areas of expertise. Here are some tips for ensuring a successful segmentation.

Jul 20 2022
Virtual Ideation Workshops

Virtual Ideation Workshops: 5 Tips For Success

Ideation workshops are a great way to generate innovative ideas for new products, services, or experiences—or enhancements to any of these. Most companies have grown very comfortable with in-depth interviews and focus groups conducted via webcam, an option that provides flexibility and has been relied on heavily since the pandemic began. But what about ideation workshops? When does it make sense to take these virtual? And how can you do so successfully?

Jun 1 2021
Marketing Research

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Come Sit Next to Me:

How Even the Worst Consumer Feedback Can Be Your Company’s Best Friend

Consumer feedback. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. A well-designed survey can help you answer the “whys” behind negative feedback and even help you understand which low-rated areas to prioritize. Here are three simple but effective ways to get the most out of survey feedback of all kinds.