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  • Out of Stocks

    Shock’ supply shortages are nothing new to the country, especially in times of war or oil embargoes, but this is a mostly new experience for today’s younger- to middle-aged consumers.

    So how do today’s consumers feel when their favorite brand of English muffins is out of stock for the first time ever? What action do they take when there is little selection of new pickup trucks at the dealership, and the less-desired model is available—but costs 10% more than it did last year?


  • 30Nov
    “I Know You’re Out There” Engaging Hard-To-Reach Tradespeople And Heavy Industry Pros by Patrick McGill (Managing Directory of Strategy at Two Rivers Marketing) and Mike Humphrey (Senior Vice President at Decision Analyst)
    B2B Research

    From consumer goods and services providers to business products and services, the audience for a primary research study is more often unique than not.

    So, what can we do to best reach these hard-to-find but vital segments? While there’s sometimes a magic panel (where caution is advised) or other freely available list to turn to, there are some best practices and techniques available to increase our odds in the event that’s not the case.


  • 19Nov
    Diving Deeper Into Diversity—Hispanic Research by José Marrero (President of JAM Consulting) and Mike Humphrey (Senior Vice President at Decision Analyst)
    Planning for the Future

    At a conference last year, a speaker asked the audience ‘what is the biggest challenge we face in marketing research?’

    One theme rose to the top: sampling. Concerns ranged from fraud to worries over how representative our samples truly are these days. While the prevention of fraud is ongoing and evolving, the issue of representativeness deserves just as much attention. This is particularly true in the diverse U.S. Hispanic market, where the demographics, attitudes, and behaviors can differ from the general population in important ways.


  • 18Sep
    Dig Data

    According to experts, the move to 5G will open new horizons for us all and almost every industry will see monumental changes, from manufacturing and services, to self-driving cars and smarter home appliances beyond the Internet of Things.

    So, what are the implications for the marketing research world? The answers to this question will be revealed over the next several years, as the full rollout isn’t expected until the 2020s. Here in the present, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways a more connected world, and lightning-fast networks, may impact data collection and other areas.

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