Insights On Emotional Health Through the Pandemic
By Felicia Rogers


Insights on Emotional Health Through the Pandemic: Transcript

Decision Analyst has been tracking several aspects of consumer mindsets and behaviors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we'd like to share some insights on emotional health. We are witnessing direct ties between mental health and COVID-19, as the virus ebbs and flows and as safety protocols and government mandates shift. For example, over just the past year, stress levels have increased and decreased with the variance in cases, hospitalizations, and the spread of information about the pandemic

The ways in which people deal with stress have also shifted a bit. Within the first few months of the pandemic, it seems binging on news, phone conversations with loved ones, and even snacking were all very comforting. More recently, those activities have waned, while things like streaming music, TV, and other content have remained at the top of the list.

In terms of specific emotions, when COVID first hit the U.S in March 2020, many consumers were optimistic and hopeful but mindsets quickly deteriorated. Overtime, emotions like despondency, confusion, vulnerability, fear, and even anger spread. As COVID cases multiplied and lockdowns happened, stress and negative emotions grew. We saw emotions bottom out in July of 2020. Then, as the virus subsided and communities opened, emotions bounced back to a high point in June 2021, only to plummet again in August 21 with the spread of the Delta variant.

The pandemic has indeed been an emotional roller coaster for Americans. As we continue tracking "Consumer Foresight: Beyond The Pandemic," we look forward to future evidence that things have stabilized and better mental health days are ahead.

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