Pamela Waite is an expert in conducting Qualitative Research with patients and physicians. Below is a collection of blogs she has written.

Oct 31 2023
Secondary Research

A 12-Year-Old, a Cow, and a Qualitative Proposal without Secondary Research are Submitted to a Client…

Discussion guide suggestions are easier to create if you are aware of the issues in the industry.A good extra to include in your proposal would be a few questions relevant to the client's goals that you might add to the discussion guide for the project. Your questions might provide the "Aha!" moment that could win the project ― something that neither the smartest 12-year-old in the world nor the biggest-producing cow can do.

Oct 17 2023
Concept Testing in Healthcare

7 Questions for Successful Concept Testing with Healthcare Professionals

Some of the most important qualitative interviews conducted are with medical and clinical professionals. An hour with a teaching hospital oncologist is more difficult to schedule, more expensive than with a consumer. However, conducting qualitative research with healthcare professionals tends to elicit responses such as: “I’m not an art director,” and “I really don’t like these types of interviews,” numerous times. In many cases this subject has garnered eyerolls, sighs, and groans. So, how do you elicit more productive responses from Healthcare professionals?

Apr 27 2022
Qualitative Research with Physicians

How To Interview Physicians When You Aren’t An M.D. Yourself

Let’s face it—talking to doctors can be intimidating. The weight of physicians’ work responsibilities and their collective intelligence can be quite intimidating, even for a seasoned researcher. If you lack experience with interviewing physicians, this article includes six questions to ask yourself in preparation for an interview with physicians.