Leadership Strategy Video Series

An Interview with Ramiro Davila, Pepsico South Division
Interviewed by Felicia Rogers, Decision Analyst

Decision Analyst interviews Ramiro Davila, Senior Manager Consumer Insights. Pepsico South Division. Ramiro discusses trends that are here to stay, innovation to meet he changing consumer demand during COVID, using consumer insight to build empathy with consumers and how they are planning for the future. Additionally, he discusses how Pepsi's social values are meeting the moment.


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If you have a question please contact Felicia Roger, Executive Vice President, she can be emailed at frogers@decisionanalyst.com. She may also be reached at 1-800-262-5974 or 1-817-640-6166.

Video Chapters

The video is almost 18 minutes long, below are the timestops for the different topics discussed.

  • 00:04 Meet Our Guest
  • 00:37 Trends That are Here to Stay
  • 02:05 Innovation to Meet The New Reality
  • 07:03 Adapting The Workforce
  • 09:49 Action - An Active Partner
  • 11:05 Next Steps - Moving Forward
  • 14:44 Final Thoughts
  • 17:12 Thank You Ramiro

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