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More Americans Support Vaccination Than Oppose It, Nationwide Survey Shows

ARLINGTON, Texas – Positive vaccine attitudes are more widespread than negative ones, according to a nationwide study conducted by Decision Analyst, one of the nation’s oldest and largest privately owned marketing research and analytics firms.

Decision Analyst recently conducted a statistically and geographically balanced survey of 1,500 adults to determine how Americans feel about COVID-19 vaccinations. The survey shows about two-thirds of American consumers feel the vaccine will produce positive outcomes and is a “responsible, caring thing to do.’’ Conversely, roughly two in five feel there are health-related risks and compromises to freedoms associated with the vaccine.

Consumer Vaccine Attitudes

“It’s clear that Americans are divided on the value and safety of the vaccine. Personal concerns, confusion, and even politics are all contributing to the variety of opinions and fears we’re hearing from across the country. One fascinating discovery from the survey data is the degree to which respondents cluster into six well-defined mindsets,” said Felicia Rogers, Executive Vice President.

These clusters are:

  • Emerging Cynics (25% of respondents): These respondents are relatively likely to receive vaccinations. They tend to be younger adults, often with children. They skew slightly male and people of color (compared to the average), earn a moderate income, and are split on political affiliation. This group is less likely to social distance or trust the government. They are reasonably comfortable leaving home to go many different types of places
  • Concerned Protectors (20%): This group skews female, and about half are 55 years old or older. They have high incomes, are most prevalent in the Western U.S., and are likely Democrats. They have already been vaccinated and are optimistic about improvements this year. Still, they are most comfortable going on only essential outings, like grocery shopping or doctor visits.
  • Proactive Hopefuls (18%): Most of these are already vaccinated. They tend to be females 35 years old or older. Most have children, have high incomes, and lean Democrat. They have a positive attitude about the future; and are fairly comfortable with a variety of outings and gatherings except for large venues, places with very close contact, and travel.
  • Anxious Avoiders (15%): This groups consists mainly of females 35 to 54 years old, often with children. They have middle-class incomes, include many African Americans and Asians, and are either Democrats or Independents. Their attitude toward vaccination tends to be middle of the road, as some are in favor while others exhibit hesitation. They are cautiously optimistic about the future. However, they are largely uncomfortable going places, preferring instead to stay in their homes.
  • Unconcerned Naysayers (11%): This group, almost completely anti-vaccine, consists largely of males and females aged 35 and older. They have the lowest average income, and more than half are Republican. They have very little concern about COVID-19, are quite comfortable going places, and are more prone than the average consumer to accept conspiracy theories.
  • Invincible Skeptics (10%): This group consists primarily of males 35 to 54 years old, often with children. They have the highest incomes, and are primarily white and Republican. They are prone to have negative attitudes about the virus and tend to believe conspiracy theories. They are almost universally comfortable with outings and gatherings of all types.


The data comes from Decision Analyst’s “Consumer Reactions to COVID-19” tracking survey. This data was from the Wave 17, which was collected between 4/15/2021 and ended 4/19/2021. The online survey was conducted among adults aged 18+. Wave 17 was completed with 1,504 adults, 1,371 of whom are included in the resulting segments.

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