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COVID-19’s Impact On Working Women

When COVID-19 began to capture our attention in the United States, Decision Analyst decided to field a variety of research studies to understand a number of issues facing Americans throughout the pandemic. Based on what we have learned from a subset of those questions, working women have been impacted differently than all women and than their working male counterparts.

  • Stress and wellbeing have suffered.
  • Negative emotions have been common.
  • Coping mechanisms have been necessary.
  • Weight management has been difficult.
  • Financial outlook appears to be challenging.
  • Continuing to work from home is desired.

Stress Impact On Health & Wellbeing

Working women are especially vulnerable to feeling that the stress of the pandemic is affecting their health.

Stress & Wellbing on Working Women

Personal Financial Outlook

In February 2021, the pandemic had a slightly more negative and decidedly less positive impact on working women’s financial outlook compared to that of their working male counterparts. That is, working men were much more likely than working women were to feel their financial outlook was more positive than it had been prior to the pandemic.

Working Women Financial Outlook

Return-To-Workplace Wishes

Among men and women who have been working at home during the pandemic, women are much more likely than men are to want to continue to do so permanently or to split their time between home and the office.

Return-To-Workplace Wishes


The Decision Analyst "COVID-19's Impact On Working Women Report" is a mini report based off the COVID-19 Consumer Reaction Consumer Report. The survey was conducted online among a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults. The sample was balanced by men versus women and controlled by age groups. Data collection dates and sample size for each wave were Wave 1: Mar. 17-18; n=506. Wave 2: Mar. 24-25; n=504. Wave 3: Mar. 31-Apr. 1; n=499. Wave 4: Apr. 7-8; n=503. Wave 5: Apr. 14-15; n=502. Wave 6: Apr. 28-30; n=503. Wave 7: May 19-20; n=501. Wave 8: Jun. 16-17; Wave 9: Jul. 28-29; n=505. Wave 10: Aug. 25-26; n=502. Wave 11: Sept. 22-23; n=502. Wave 12: Oct. 20-22; n=501. Wave 13: Nov. 17-18; n=504. Wave 14: Jan. 12-14; n=505. Wave 15: Feb. 16-18; n=505.

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