Marketing Research Glossary - W

Walk-Through: A meeting scheduled by Decision Analyst's Control Center once a questionnaire is finalized to discuss the plans and details of the research project. All employees in every department who are scheduled to work on that project must attend the walk-through. This is an important part of Decision Analyst's overall quality-assurance process.

Wave: A term that describes successive surveys using the same questionnaire and same methods, so that changes in a brand's awareness, market share, and brand image can be tracked over time (typically referred to as Wave I, Wave II, Wave III, etc.). The term Dip has the same meaning as Wave.

Web Cookie: See Cookie.

Web Scraping: See Data Scraping.

Weighted Sample: A completed sample in which respondents have been weighted to balance the sample.

Weighting: The assignment of weights to each respondent in a survey to more accurately represent the target market. While weighting can help offset imbalances in a completed sample, weighting has the effect of reducing the sample size and increasing sampling variance.

White Paper: An authoritative report on a major issue. The purpose of a white paper is to educate. See Decision Analyst’s White Papers

Whitelisting: If a website is legitimate and properly operated, ISPs will whitelist that website, so that all Internet traffic coming from that website will be accepted. Decision Analyst invests much time and resources in maintaining its white listings so that survey invitations always get through to the target sample.

Win-Loss Evaluation Research: Win-Loss evaluation research is a tool that collects crucial information from decision makers and influencers who are involved in the sales decision process. The overall goal of the research is to determine what factors are used as decision criteria in selecting a company for a project. Learn More

Winsorized Mean: An average that is calculated after replacing an equal number of values from the high and low ends of the sample with the respective single values that were next in line for trimming.

Word Association Tests: A test in which words are read or shown to a respondent one at a time. The respondent is instructed to say out loud the words, feelings, mental pictures, etc., associated with the word. This is a projective technique widely used in qualitative research. Learn More

Write-Down: The process of asking participants to write down their views on a topic during a focus group. Moderators use write-downs to get participants committed to their point of view before other participants can influence them.

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