New Product Development


A leading implantable device manufacturer was interested in bolstering its new product development process by conducting unmet-needs research among implanting physicians. Additionally, several new product concepts were tested among these physicians to gauge overall appeal, patient type best suited for, and barriers to use.

Strategic Issues

The company wanted to offer implanting physicians new tools and products to better fit their needs for specific patient types. This research was used to support the go/no-go decision to invest significant resources to further develop the tested concepts and to develop new concepts to address unmet needs.

Research Objectives

Research objectives included:

  • Gauging use of and satisfaction with currently available products.
  • Identifying unmet needs with regards to implantable products in general, needs specific to certain patient groups, and challenges in patient referrals and management.
  • Testing the overall interest in several new product concepts.
  • Understanding the value proposition for the products and their associated benefits.
  • Assessing the potential volume that would be considered for each new product, and the products they would replace.
Research Design and Methods

Approximately 150 implanting physicians were surveyed via the Internet, with each physician evaluating all of the concepts. Physicians were recruited from the Physicians Advisory Council®, Decision Analyst’s proprietary panel of physicians worldwide. Physicians were screened to ensure that they had performed a minimum number of implantations in the past year and that they currently managed a minimum number of applicable patients.


The company realized that a significant portion of implanting physicians were not satisfied with currently available products, and that one of the tested product concepts warranted further development. This product concept received high scores for interest, potential patient volume, and fulfilling an unmet need. it provided physicians a tool to improve patient outcomes by increased monitoring and easier follow-up management. The research was used to begin to identify the value proposition for sales and marketing efforts. Based on this research, the company went on to fully develop this new product and market it to physicians.

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