Decision Analyst Launches Symmetric™, A Company Offering Scientific Sampling Services

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    Dallas/Fort Worth-based Decision Analyst has launched a new company called Symmetric ( that allows research agencies and companies to acquire samples from Decision Analyst’s various consumer and business-to-business panels. Decision Analyst ( is one of the nation’s largest privately owned marketing research and analytical consulting firms.

Symmetric permits any company to buy online samples from Decision Analyst’s highly rated proprietary panels, including:

  • American Consumer Opinion®. Worldwide consumer panel of more than 7 million members in over 200 countries, operated in 11 major languages.
  • Physicians Advisory Council®. Physicians, doctors, and surgeons in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Medical Advisory Board®. An online panel of nurses, medical technicians, and other nonphysician medical workers.
  • Technology Advisory Board®. Software engineers, IT professionals, and scientists working in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Contractor Advisory Board®. An online panel of painters, carpenters, general contractors, landscape companies, plumbers, and electricians in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Executive Advisory Board®. An online panel of business owners and executives in companies of all sizes, from small businesses to the largest corporations.

Jason Thomas, President of Symmetric, said: “Symmetric provides sampling services to companies that place a very high value on representative samples, scientific-sampling methods, and advanced fraud-detection systems. All samples are vetted by Symmetric’s proprietary fraud-detection system, Sleuth™. Stratified sampling controls and random selection of participants within each cell helps ensure that each sample is as representative as possible. We focus on the science of sampling.

“Symmetric’s suite of online panels is continuously balanced, refreshed, and cleaned, and non-responders, speedsters, and cheaters are constantly purged,” Thomas said.

“In addition to its worldwide panels, Symmetric can supplement its samples by drawing participants from hundreds of other sampling sources, then stratifying and balancing them by means of the Icion® sampling platform,” Thomas added.

Decision Analyst first began developing mail panels in 1980, and in 1996 converted the mail panels to online panels. In addition to its proprietary panels, Decision Analyst operates dozens of other private online panels and communities for major clients.

About Decision Analyst

Founded in 1978, Decision Analyst ( is a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm specializing in strategy research, new product development, advertising testing, and advanced modeling for marketing decision optimization. The firm delivers competitive advantage to clients throughout the world in consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, retail, technology, medical, and automotive industries.

About Symmetric

Symmetric is a separate, independent company with its own staff, computer systems, and security. Jason Thomas is the President, and Mauricia Wills is Executive Vice President. The firm is headquartered at 600 Avenue H East, Arlington, Texas 76011

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