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Getting Back To Basics
2020 has been an extremely challenging and tumultuous year. As a result, consumer attitudes and perceptions will be changed forever. Industries, companies, and brands will be forced back to the drawing board to learn and understand how their consumers, markets, and distribution systems have changed. Companies will have to reinvent, re-position, and rejuvenate their products, services, marketing, and advertising.

We have created a video on the importance of basic research and how companies can continually benefit from even the simplest of research methods. We invite you to visit our website to watch the video and learn more about how these research methods can help your business.

Watch the Video "Basic Research"

Decision Analyst

Decision Analyst's Basic Research Services
Blogs, Papers, And Webinars On Basic Research Techniques
Qualitative Research
Ethnography: How It Can Help You Win The Hearts Of Your Customers
Ethnography allows your team to build stronger brands, better products, and optimize messaging...to grow your business and improve profitability.
Product Testing
Product Testing Is Unnecessary—And Other Related Myths
Product testing rewards companies with invaluable insight that can only be gained by putting the product into the hands of customers or potential customers.
Package Testing
Three Secrets to Product Success
“There are three secrets to consumer packaged goods’ success: packaging, packaging, packaging.”
Advertising Research
Can You Hear Me Now? Embracing Advertising Testing
Constantly testing and improving ads is a strategy that wise companies will emulate and follow.
Tracking Research
Strategic Marketing Tracking
The true strategic value of tracking research is fully realized only after several years of consistent measurement of your ultimate consumers.
Choice Modeling
Using Choice Modeling For Product And Price Optimization: A Basic Overview Of Possible Methods
This is a Decision Analyst prerecorded Webinar that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different choice modeling methods and the best use for each.
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