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Online Qualitative Research
The Art of Transforming Motives and Emotions Into Insights

Qualitative investigations entail observing, exploring, asking questions, probing, actively listening, and thinking very deeply about what it all means, symbolizes, and signifies.

Qualitative research is a search for deeper meaning, underlying reasons, and hidden motives. It seeks to explain the “why” of human perceptions, emotions, and behaviors.

Online Qualitative Research

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At Decision Analyst we believe online qualitative research is one of the most powerful tools a researcher can use. Decision Analyst has experience with several Online Qualitative platforms and methods; these can be divided into 2 basic categories; In-the-Moment Qualitative Research and Internet-Adapted Qualitative Research. We work closely with our clients to choose the approach(es) that best fit their needs and goals.

In-the-Moment Qualitative Research
There are a variety of techniques that can be utilized to reach consumers at the time of their purchasing decision. Choosing the best approach depends on the target respondent, the subject of the observation, timing considerations, market considerations, and a variety of other factors. Below are several types of In-the-Moment approaches that we offer:
  • Video Diary/Mood State
  • Virtual Ethnography
  • Virtual Shop-Along
  • Live Screen Sharing (Website Usability)
  • In-Vehicle or In-Home Video
  • Voicemail/Audio Journaling
Internet-Adapted Qualitative Techniques
Use of the following online techniques depends on the target audience and the research objectives:
  • Time-Extended™ Bulletin Boards
  • Online Deep Dives/Video Forums
  • Time-Extended™ Online Depth Interviews
  • Time-Extended™ Deep Dives
  • Time-Extended™ Close-Ups (Single Posting)
  • Time-Extended™ Concept Reactions
  • Online Text or Chat Discussions
Why Decision Analyst?
Great qualitative research rests upon the experience, intelligence, and analytical depth and skill of the professional moderators and analysts conducting the research. In other words, great qualitative work comes from great qualitative people. Decision Analyst offers a worldwide network of qualitative professionals and the systems, processes, and staff to support these experts. Please keep us in mind for your next qualitative investigation—and the strategic research that follows.

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