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Strategy Research
The Science of Winning the Long-Term Game

Consumer attitudes and perceptions are forever changed. Industries, companies, and brands will be forced back to the drawing board to re-learn and re-understand their markets and their customers. Companies will have to reinvent, re-position, and rejuvenate their products, services, marketing, and advertising. Strategy Research can help a company identify how to move forward while staying on-track.

Strategy Research

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Strategy is the formula by which the major marketing variables (advertising, positioning, product, promotion, pricing, distribution, etc.) are integrated, energized, and optimized. Because each company and its brands are unique, the development of an optimal strategy is a complex undertaking. The essence of strategy is the concentration of effort and energy to achieve dominance in a market or market segment.

The development of a company strategy or a brand strategy encompasses some or all of the following elements:
  • Target-market identification
  • Positioning
  • Advertising messaging
  • Product/Service optimization and differentiation
  • Product-line planning
  • Pricing optimization
  • Packaging optimization
  • Promotion planning
  • Distribution optimization
  • Service and support planning
Every Company Is Unique There are no simple solutions, no cookie-cutter approaches, and no “rules of thumb.” Every company is unique; every brand is unique. Each company or brand requires solutions tailored to its unique situation, competitive environment, resources, and capabilities.

Vision Formulating strategy is not just about research, data, and analytics, it’s also about vision. What do you want your brand or your company to become? How do you envision your brand and business 10 years from now? Or 20 years from now? What do you want your company and brands to stand for? Strategy is a bridge to a better future and a way to influence the shape and character of that future.

Why Decision Analyst? Decision Analyst has the people, experience, technology, systems, and analytics to help you bring your strategic vision into focus. Our firm offers a synergistic blend of primary research, analytical consulting, modeling, and optimization to help companies win the long-term game.

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