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Planning for the Future

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Planning for the Future

We are taught to plan, to anticipate, to read reality. We are taught to make adjustments in our plans, and to continually do this as we prepare for the future. We do this every day in business. So how do we read the current state of reality? How do we plan and then make adjustments along the way? What do you do when the future that you had hoped for didn’t quite materialize as you expected?

MaxDiff Questions
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Developing Innovative Ideas: What a Pain!
Companies must continuously innovate. This innovation may take the form of a new product, a revised product, new marketing channels, an expanded distribution strategy, a new ad campaign, etc. An often-overlooked source for innovative ideas can come from addressing pain points.

Hispanic Research

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Diving Deeper Into Diversity—Hispanic Research

With the population of Hispanics nearing 1 in 5 Americans, companies are faced with new opportunities and challenges in reaching this segment (or segments, to be more accurate). As market researchers, we’re obligated to dig deeper, to ensure our sample is representative of the market, and to deliver actionable and accurate research.

Segmentation Video Series
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Segmentation Series Videos

How many segments are needed? What are the main topics that market segmentation can answer? Decision Analyst has created a series of 14 short, informative videos on Segmentation. These videos cover the basics a successful segmentation project from the initial planning phase to applying the results to your business. In the first episode, Jerry. W. Thomas introduces the topic of Segmentation.

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