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New product and service ideas spring from human imaginations, human experiences, and human needs; the ability to imagine these unique product ideas is called “idea-centric creativity.” Some individuals are much more creative than the average person in coming up with new product ideas.
The Imaginators®

At Decision Analyst, these creative geniuses are called Imaginators®. The Imaginators are unlike any other creative community in the world. Community members receive ongoing creativity training to enhance their natural creative abilities. It is a unique creative community of everyday people from all walks of life, who are exceptionally imaginative and inventive.
Imaginators rank in the top 2% of the general population in terms of idea-centric creativity. When using our exclusive Applied Creativity Process®, Imaginators typically generate hundreds of starter ideas, or idea fragments, in online or in-person creativity sessions. These ideas and idea fragments then become the raw material that our innovation experts mine and meld into finished, ready-to-test concepts

Applied Creativity Process®

Decision Analyst’s Applied Creativity Process is different from traditional innovation methods. The goal of ideation is to focus human creativity on solving consumers’ problems, identifying unmet needs, and discovering new opportunities.
This process is based on a problem-solving model where sessions follow a proprietary creativity guide that is objectives-driven and exercises-oriented, rather than discussion-based. Creativity must have focal points, targets, and objectives so that the final new product ideas are relevant and viable. Decision Analyst’s Innovation Process includes some or all of the following steps, depending on the product category and objectives:

  1. Alignment Meeting
  2. Research Review/Qualitative Investigations
  3. Ideation Sessions
  4. Ideation Debriefing
  5. First-Stage Concept Development
  1. First-Stage Concept Review
  2. Qualitative Refinement of Concepts
  3. Final Concept Development
  4. New Product Concept Testing
New Product Concepts and More

While the primary purpose of innovation and ideation is the development of new product concepts, the same processes, methods, and techniques can also create:
  • New service concepts
  • New branding strategies
  • New customer experiences
  • New brand names
  • New positioning concepts
  • New promotion ideas
  • New packaging ideas
  • New display and point-of-sale ideas

For more information about our Innovation Services please contact
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Felicia Rogers ( or (817) 640-6166).
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