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The process of creating a new Brand Strategy involves knowing where a brand is now in terms of positioning, brand image, and brand messages, compared to competitive brands. Brand Strategy is not only what a brand is saying, but also what the target audience is hearing and believing. Another important part of developing a new Brand Strategy is defining an optimal vision for the future. Where does the brand want to go, and what does the brand want to be—in terms of positioning, prestige, tone, brand imagery, and messaging?

7 Sets of Questions Every Brand Manager Must Answer
Seven Sets of Questions Every Brand Manager Must Answer

Brand managers live in a difficult world of constant pressure, tactical chaos, and unrelenting demands. Amid all the frenzy, it’s easy for brand managers to overlook or undervalue the critical information they need to strategically (and tactically) manage their brands. To effectively manage a brand, every brand manager should be able to answer seven sets of core questions.
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Brand Strategy Research

Brand Strategy (or Branding Strategy) is the art of creating an optimal set of ideas, concepts, images, symbols, and human feelings about a brand's product or service, and linking those symbols and feelings to that brand in a powerful, compelling, and enduring way.

In helping a brand develop a new brand strategy, Decision Analyst uses a variety of research techniques, experimental designs, analytic methods, and innovation processes. A typical consulting engagement would include some of the following components:

  • Alignment meetings with key brand stakeholders (before the start of any work) to cover brand history, brand facts, brand aspirations, and brand vision.
  • Depth interviews among brand loyalists, heavy users, medium users, light users, and competitive brand users to build category and brand knowledge and to develop hypotheses about brand growth opportunities.
  • A Brand Architecture Survey to precisely measure the existing brand images and brand equities for the subject brand and major competitive brands.
  • Strategy Concept Testing among a broadly defined target audience for the brand, with readable samples of important market segments, to identify winning brand strategies.
  • Consulting services to help guide the implementation of a new brand strategy.
  • Brand tracking to monitor the brand’s progress toward the achievement of its brand strategy goals.

Brand Equity Tracking
Brand Equity Tracking Models

All other factors being equal, Brand Equity is the very best predictor of a corporation’s probability of long-term success. In well-managed corporations, senior management stays focused on building and maintaining Brand Equity for all of their brands, among the most important target audiences (customers and prospective customers). Once a sound brand strategy is in place, it’s important to track the cumulative effects through repeated surveys of target consumers, employees, and other target audiences.
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For additional information about Brand Strategy Research, please contact
Bonnie Janzen ( or (817) 640-6166) or
Felicia Rogers ( or (817) 640-6166).

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