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One of the ultimate goals in business is pricing power. If a brand or company can charge a few more pennies (or a few more dollars) than its competitors, the long-term advantages are immense. The overarching goal of pricing research is to identify consumer attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions that build pricing power over time. It’s a long-term game, because it takes years to shape human attitudes and perceptions about a brand so that pricing power is maximized. Here are some recent articles and videos on pricing strategies.

User Centric Innovation
Pricing Research: The Good, The Bad, And The Good Enough

In this era of product and channel proliferation, companies are struggling to survive. Many turn to product innovation (as they should) or even product restaging. Yet, an oft overlooked marketing lever is product pricing. Periodically evaluating your product’s price position is a healthy practice. Pricing evaluation can be complex, so where should your company start? This blog compares 3 different pricing research methodologies: Choice Modeling vs. Van Westendorp vs. Gabor-Granger.
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5 Essentials for New Product Success
Optimal Pricing Is in the Eye of Corporate Strategy

An optimal suite of great products offered at acceptable prices is an integral part of a company’s strategy. But what sounds like a pretty simple proposition is not that easy in practice. How does a company develop optimal products? And, more importantly for the current discussion, how does it optimally price them? The answers to these questions are embedded within the overall company strategy. A company decides who and what it wants to be. From this foundational decision emerges the optimal product-pricing strategy, the approach that a company takes to maximize share and/or profit.
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Supply Chain and Logistics
Pricing Analytics: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?
(A 37 minute video recording)

In this previously recorded webinar, we review analytical methods used to measure price elasticity and explain how price elasticity can be used to support business pricing strategy, whether for an existing product line or for a new product.

In this video, we discuss several of the most important strategic-pricing objectives that firms often set as they pursue a business strategy. In particular, we outline several analytics methods used to measure price response, providing pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, providing examples along the way. We also discuss five different business-pricing strategies. If you would prefer to have a copy of the deck, please reply to this email and we would be happy to send it to you.
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