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COVID Consumer Mindset Segmentation

For our Wave 17 report, we added something new and decided to apply a Behavioral & Attitudinal Segmentation to our survey. Below are the results of our Consumer Mindset Segmentation Study. This study was conducted among people across the U.S., and we have identified 6 fascinating consumer mindsets that could impact your business.

If you would like more information on the COVID Consumer Mindset Segmentation or Market Segmentation Studies, please email Felicia Rogers or Jerry W. Thomas, or give us a call at (817) 640-6166.

Consumer MindSet Segments

What's Your Mindset?

Take our Consumer Mindset Typing Tool and see which segment you are in.

Emerging Cynics

Tend to be younger adults, often with children in the household; skew slightly male and people of color; earn a moderate income; are split on political affiliation.

Middle-of-the-road concern about COVID-19; fairly balanced emotionally; moderate outlook for improvement in 2021.

Vaccinations relatively likely, though somewhat distrustful in their vaccine attitudes Less likely to social distance, use PPE, or trust the government to make sound decisions.

Reasonably comfortable going places and gathering with others.

Consumer MindSet Segments

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Please to contact us for additional information on the
COVID Consumer Mind Segmentation or Market Segmentation Studies
Email: Felicia Rogers or Jerry W. Thomas
Phone: (817) 640-6166
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