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Vaccine Motivators
Motivators for and Barriers to Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19
By Audrey Snowden, Ph.D.

As of May 20th, 48% of the population has had at least one dose. However, that leaves a little over 50% of the population unvaccinated. Using the data collected in Decision Analyst’s monthly “Consumer Reactions to COVID-19” tracker, we examined what impact, if any, beliefs about COVID-19 and its vaccine have on the decision to get vaccinated.
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Forecasting Demand in a Post Covid World
“Nobody Goes There Anymore, It’s Too Crowded” Forecasting Demand in a Post-COVID World
By Jennifer Murphy

What will the future look like? There maybe a short-term demand boom coming for many industries. In the market research world, how will all this affect demand forecasting for products and services? Demand for many categories is likely to be different 2 years from now compared to 2 years ago.
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3 Advoidable Statistical Mistakes
3 Avoidable Statistical Mistakes
By Audrey Snowden, Ph.D.

Adhering to the rules of the scientific method is important to ensure that results are valid and unbiased. Sometimes marketing researchers use undesirable methods, such as conducting many single significance tests, performing statistical tests without hypotheses, and rerunning statistical tests until desired results are achieved. Unfortunately, engaging in these methods has unintended, detrimental consequences.
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MaxDiff: 3 Popular Applications
MaxDiff: 3 Popular Applications
By Elizabeth Horn

The applications discussed in the video include: ranking items such as product messages, features, or flavors; optimizing sets or bundles of messages or features; and driving segmentation analyses.
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Introduction to Segmentation
Intro to Segmentation video
By Jerry W. Thomas

Market segmentation answers 4 basic questions that most businesses face: What is the optimal target market? What should our product strategy be? How do we position ourselves? What advertising strategy should we explore to try to achieve competitive advantage? Visit our website to watch the "Introduction To Market Segmentation" video.
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