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Staying Ahead Of Supply-Chain Disruptions
Supply-chain disruptions are multiplying, it seems. Prices are soaring. Companies have two options: raise prices or find more economical suppliers, materials, or components.

Pricing research can help optimize your sales and profits, while protecting your brands from competitive counter-attacks.

Product testing can help evaluate alternate suppliers, materials, ingredients, and components and ensure that product quality is not compromised.
Decision Analyst is one of the leaders in Pricing Research and Product Testing.
Pricing Techniques
"Pricing Research: The Good, The Bad, And The Good Enough"
A comparison of 3 different pricing research methodologies: Choice Modeling vs. Van Westendorp vs. Gabor-Granger.
Pricing Strategies
"Optimal Pricing Is In The Eye Of Corporate Strategy"
A summary of pricing strategies and the importance of quantitative research in vetting various strategies. The research methods range from choice modeling to analysis of sales data by SKU and channel of distribution.
Pricing Webinar
"Pricing Analytics: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?"
A review of analytical methods to measure price elasticity and explain its role in business pricing strategies. This webinar outlines pros and cons of various pricing strategies and gives examples.
Product Quality
"Maintaining Product Quality In The Face Of Rising Costs"
It’s reasonable to be on the lookout for high-quality substitute suppliers as a matter of practice, but how do you know if those new suppliers are as good as the old ones? Monadic product testing (preferably iHUTs) can help you quickly evaluate new suppliers, new ingredients, or new packaging.
Product Testing
"Product Testing Is Unnecessary—And Other Related Myths"
If the product itself is never tested by potential users, what are its chances of success? Product testing is often overlooked or cut out of the process. Here are some excuses product managers and others give for failing to test their products among consumers.
IHUT Webinar
"Product Testing In The 'Real World' With iHUTs"
For products that are used at home, an iHUT (In-Home Usage Test) is the most accurate, most predictive, and most actionable. This webinar discusses iHUT product testing advantages, processes, tips, and best practices.
Let Decision Analyst propose a Product Testing
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