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Getting Back To Basics

Planning for the Future

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Pricing Research: The Good, The Bad, And The Good Enough

Pricing evaluation can be complex, so where should your company start? Van Westendorp versus Gabor-Granger versus Choice Modeling: which should be used to determine an optimal price? This blog gives an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each pricing research method.

Questionnaire Bias
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When Results Lie: Tips For Overcoming Questionnaire Bias
Leading questions are one of the many types of biased survey questions. The problem with biased questions, attributes, and response choices are that they create inconsistent, contradicting, and misleading results. When surveys are created properly, without bias, they are found to be reliable and valid

Gathering Comfort levels

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Going Off The Grid: Not Just For Hippies & Outlaws

What do you think are the top frustrations for survey-takers? This blog focuses on the over-used question format—the grid question. If you know that you need to compare, rate, or optimize a long list of features or attributes, consider using MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling) instead of a grid.

Attribute Questions
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It’s Time To Put Those Negatively Worded Items Behind Us

In an effort to catch survey cheaters, researchers use negatively worded attributes placed in groupings of positively worded attributes. This context switching causes respondent confusion, which creates error.


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