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  • 21Jul
    Restaurant Research

    Social, economic, political, and technological advancements made a mark on Gen Z.

    Understanding their generational mindset is vital to helping marketers better understand how to reach and communicate with consumers. Currently, Gen Z represents $44 billion in direct buying power in the U.S. – and most don’t even have jobs yet. As you read the details that follow, I challenge you to think about your brand and how Gen Z’s perspective on these events and societal norms may impact it.


  • Restaurant Research

    At the beginning of 2020, the restaurant industry was thriving. A few short months into the year, this industry, along with many others, was brought to its knees.

    While it still has a tough road ahead, the foodservice industry has proven its resilience through innovation, creativity, and reinvention. There was a quick pivot to online ordering/delivery models, and fast adoption of new service ideas.


  • Customer Optimization

    The customer experience is as important as the products and services a company provides.

    Any brand’s or retailer’s best path to an optimized customer experience is with its frontlines: their cashiers, waiters/waitresses, store managers, customer-service team members, etc. These are the people who interact with customers every day and can make or break a positive experience. How can you ensure employees take an active role in optimizing the customer experience?

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